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Since establishing in 2012, we've become the most trusted place to learn songs online. Our lessons are taught by college-degreed, master pianists that know exactly how to get through to our wide spectrum of students. We're confident that–like everyone
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No Sheet Music Required

Sheet music is hundreds of years old, so we searched for a better way to visualize music. Synthesia shows you which notes are coming next—just like a video game. We incorporate this powerful visual tool in every one of our Hybrid Piano Lesson videos. You don’t need to know how to read sheet music. You just need to watch & learn.

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Billboard Hits, Classic Rock, Hip Hop & more! Subscribe and get instant access to over 300 step-by-step HD video lessons. Guests only have access to the first part of each song, but members can learn every part of every song! We add new songs every week, so get started today!

How it works

  • 1We break down each song into easy-to-learn, small parts
  • 2Our instructor walks you through the details of each part
  • 3You learn by playing along, rewinding or fast-forwarding when necessary
  • 4By the end, you're able to perform the song for friends and family