Video Player Tips

When learning with our video lessons, it’s important to know your way around the video interface so you can maximize your learning. Here are some features unique to the HDpiano video player that might come in handy next time you sit down to learn a new song.


Repetition is key to effective practice. Our looping tool allows you to repeat sections of varying lengths without lifting your hands from the keyboard. First, identify a section of a lesson that needs some extra attention, rewind to about 5 or 10 seconds before where it begins, and then press the loop button. This will open the looping control which allows you to set your ‘in’ and ‘out’ points. As the video plays and your intended practice spot approaches, get ready to set your in point. Once set, you can then wait until that section is over to set your out point by clicking once more. The video will loop whatever range you have selected until you turn off looping by pressing the looping button once more. You can also manually adjust the loop length by dragging the handles on the timeline after you’ve set your initial loop.

10 Second Skip

On mobile, tablet and desktop devices, you can tap once on the video to access a 10 second skip feature on the left and right side of the play/pause button. This is a handy feature if you miss something the first go around and just want to quickly go over it again without interrupting playback.

5 Second Skip

On mobile and tablet, you can use 5 second skip feature by tapping twice on left or right part of the screen to skip back or skip forward. You can also use the this feature with left and right arrow on your keyboard.

Speed Control

If you click on the settings icon in the video player, you can select between multiple speed options. Useful for scrubbing through the video at a faster pace to find a particular section, or for slowing down fast passages to play along.

Sustain Pedal Data

Have you ever wondered about the light gray background that comes and goes throughout our lessons? Wonder no more. This backdrop corresponds to the instructor’s sustain pedal activity. When the pedal is pressed, the background becomes a lighter shade of grey. This is helpful if you find that your foot just can’t resist the urge to over-pedal and you need some concrete suggestions for when to pedal.