There’s more than meets the eye at HDpiano! Watch our welcome video or browse some of the resources below to learn about the tools, tips & tricks to help you get the most out of an HDpiano lesson.


We’ve built a robust browse page that allows you to filter our lessons by artist, genre, instructor, decade, and more. You can even narrow your search to lessons that feature Melody Versions or that have corresponding sheet music. As you browse, you can mark the lessons that interest you by clicking the small star next to each title. These lessons will be saved under the favorite lessons tab. Please note that the favorites feature is only available when logged in.


Key Signature Essentials is a totally free resource intended to help the HDpiano student navigate the the nitty gritty of a particular key signature. Think of it as an almanac for basic scales, chords, progressions and fingerings. Each key has two videos and a matching PDF resource. Click here to give it a whirl.

HDpiano Digital Piano Buyer’s Guide

Finding the right keyboard for you can certainly be a paralyzing decision. Here’s our take on many of the popular available options.


If you’re curious about any of the terminology we use at HDpiano, head on over to our Glossary page and you very well might find what you’re looking for.


Check out our playlist of practice tips to help you overcome some of the hurdles that can get in the way of effective practicing. There are twelve lessons in all that touch on dexterity, rhythm, transposition, memorization and more.




Our video player has a lot of neat built in features such as Looping, Speed Control, Chord Subtitles and Chaptering. Check out our Video Player Tips page to learn more.




If you’re new to our format, then here are a few recommendations to help you get the most out of our lessons:

  • Get familiar with the original recording. Context is key to understanding the piano part. Observe how it interacts and blends with all of the other elements of the recording.
  • Look for patterns. Our visual format brings all sorts of musical patterns to light. As a song progresses, make a mental note of what certain parts look like. Ascending, descending, clustered, far apart, high, low – all of these musical traits are easy to recognize with our falling block graphics.
  • Take notes. Write down the timestamp of your favorite lesson moments. Maybe it’s a particular line played by the instructor or a helpful tip that was shared.
  • Have fun! Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t play “The Entertainer” after 30 minutes of practice- learning to play piano can be a journey!