About Music Licensing

Making sure artists receive credit and compensation.

How It Works

  • We listen to our students

    First, we identify songs that we think our users might want to learn on the piano, based on requests and popular trends.

  • We talk to our legal department

    Next, we determine whether or not a title is covered under our existing publisher blanket licenses. If it is, we can produce the lesson for our students!

  • We acquire the rights

    If we haven’t licensed the rights yet, we get in touch with the publisher who controls them and wait for their approval to create the lesson. This can take some time, but we’re always working hard to make your favorite songs and artists available – so thank you for your patience!


  • How long until [artist/song name] will be in your library?

    While we can’t make any promises, most artists and songs are obtainable. There are some exceptions, referred to as “restricted writers”. However, even in those cases one-off approval is a real possibility.

  • Why can’t you just post the lessons for free on YouTube?

    Because we’re a company that has existing deals with music publishers, this option is off the table for us. Independent YouTubers who don’t monetize outside of their channel can do this, but we’ve well outgrown that status!

  • Can you just make a lesson for me privately, without publishing it to your public website?

    Unfortunately this wouldn’t change anything; we’re still bound by the same requirements for licensing regardless of whether our content is private or public.

  • Why are some songs by an artist/band available while others aren’t?

    Not every song is written by the same writers, and publishing is administered per writer (and even per title). This means that even if a single writer on a song isn’t covered by our blanket license, they’re unavailable for our use.