Key Signature Essentials

The HDpiano Handbook

A free resource for piano scales – major, minor and pentatonic, as well as chords, theory and progressions. Interested in learning more theory & fundamentals? visit our sister website, WePiano!

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Welcome to Key Signature Essentials! If you’re here, you’re likely interested in learning more about how the music you’re learning really works. Why do some chords sound better together than others? What is a key signature anyways? How come my fingers just can’t play what I hear in my head? Well, in this free video handbook, you’ll have all those questions answered and more. This resource is heavily video based, with a couple of free PDF resources, so go ahead and get started by watching the overview videos above, and diving into each individual key in the videos below. Enjoy!

Use the links below the video player to choose select a key.
There is a scales and chords video for each of the 12 keys.

Click Here to Download the PDF Resource from!

What’s Next?

In the following video Devon goes over some ‘next steps’ for building on what you’ve learned so far. These concepts are a little more advanced and simply demonstrations, so if you’re interested in learning more, consider signing up for our latest initiative, the HDpiano Academy! In the meantime, feel free to explore our lesson catalog to start applying some of your theory knowledge to your favorite songs.